China to mediate on Rohingyas between Myanmar and Bangladesh

China is positioning itself as a mediator in the dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar over the Rohingya refugee crisis and announced a three-stage solution to the humanitarian calamity ,saying both the countries have accepted its proposal. There were an estimated one million Rohingyas in Myanmar before the 2016-17 crisis.On Oct 22, a UN report said that an estimated 603,000 refugees from Rakhine, Myanmar, had crossed into Bangladesh since August 25.This number increased to 624,000 by November 2. 'The (Chinese) initiative was approved in Bangladesh and also in Myanmar,' said the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi,is now on a tour to Bangladesh and Myanmar to persuade the two countries to its way of thinking. Beijing is trying to persuade Myanmar to impose a ceasefire and stop the persecuted Rohingyas from fleeing into Bangladesh.