Online Sale Needs To Be Checked

Keeping in mind the impact on the health of citizens due to e-cigarattes, Health Minister C. Vijaya Baskar announced that Tamil Nadu State would ban e-cigarettes. But the ban on e-cigarettes will have no effect unless the online sale is checked. Tamil Nadu had already banned chewable tobacco. People working at stores selling e-cigarattes say that most of the customers are in their 30's and the demands for vaporizers that are Rs. 1,200 is more than the costlier ones.Electronic-Cigarette, a battery-operated inhaler that emits doses of vaporised nicotine, or non-nicotine solutions. 8 other states in India including Kerala, Punjab, Maharashtra have already banned e-cigarattes.Fines will be imposed for use of E-cigarettes in Tamil Nadu. This decision will soon come in force.